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  • jimmy 3:16 am on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    There’s just one thing missing:
    Storming The Citadel

    The Plagueworks

    The Frostwing Halls

    The Crimson Hall

    Even with a full raid of mostly level 85 players, ICC is not exactly a walk in the park. A lot of fun, though.

    /end geeking

  • jimmy 4:52 am on November 14, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I seem to have caught a cold, which is making me cranky as all hell. Also? (NOTE: the following is so full of World of Warcraft geeking it’s not even funny.) Thrall seems to have wandered off from Orgrimmar, thus making [For The Alliance!] impossible to achieve for the next few weeks. Normally I don’t care what happens within the Horde, but I joined a PUG doing For The Alliance! today and it was disappointing to have missed him. Especially since I’ve never done a raid before.

    On the other hand, we easily downed the other three and had a lot of fun. Thanks random Cenarius folks!

  • jimmy 7:55 am on May 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    In which I seriously geek about WoW.

    File this one under “things that amuse Jimmy, [WoW] Dungeon Finder Edition”: in my 110-day quest to earn Tier 9 armor without doing any raiding (seriously, who wants to deal with guilds with weekly schedules and everything? *wink*) I’ve been doing a daily random dungeon for the last week or so. Tonight I did The Nexus (I’m getting pretty familiar with that one, but at least it’s better than Utgarde Keep, the other one I get a lot from the random dungeon finder) with no less than four healers.

    I’ve found healers to be quite possibly the most entertaining people in PUGs (Pick Up Groups) for whatever reason. A few weeks ago I was in a Random Dungeon group where the healer turned wipes (where we all die, usually the healers fault…or at least potentially preventable by the healer) into a drinking game…needless to say, we didn’t finish the dungeon. But the healers tonight I don’t think I’ll soon forget, here’s the list:
    1. our first healer was pretty good, he healed us, none of us died, we were all happy until after the second or third trash pull, when he rolled “need” on an item and then promptly left. I guess mission accomplished on his part (he got what he came for in only a few minutes), but as our tank put it: “dam healz”. Even if you’re doing the dungeon just to get that one item, it’s only a half hour run and it’s pretty rude to just leave. Also, I wasted a soulstone on him.
    2. second healer joined us and was also pretty good. Everything was going well until he suddenly got disconnected. OK, it happens. Vote kick, get new healer. A few minutes waiting, at least I didn’t waste a soulstone because it hadn’t even cooled down yet (meaning this was the second healer we’d lost in 15 minutes, and before we even got to the first boss).
    3. third healer joins, heals us for a trash pull or two and then says he hopes his healing is OK because he’s high. We kinda ignore it because, well, his healing was OK. Not so for the boss, though, and we wipe (memo to kids: taking drugs makes you a bad healer…who knew?). Before we can recover, the [high] healer and one DPS (a really GOOD DPS, who’d done 48% of total damage thus far) leave us.
    4. healer number four joins us and is a really good pally healer. Unfortunately apparently this leads to boredom and he tried to do some DPS on the side. This lead to me (#2 damage doer after the tank at this point) suddenly being attacked from all sides because the healer had let the tank die and I was suddenly the biggest threat (Rain of Fire has that effect, I guess). Healer started healing again after the tank and two DPS had died and he managed to keep the last DPS standing for a good 30 seconds, but there’s a reason you need five people to do dungeons (hint: it’s not because we like to hang out). OK, we wipe again. Healer apologizes and promises to focus on just healing from this point forward (what a thought!) and I’m happy to say that the last two bosses were a breeze.

    Yeah, so, that’s my gaming funny of the day. Mad props to you if you actually followed all that.

  • jimmy 1:43 am on February 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Finally saw Avatar this afternoon. Here’re some random thoughts (mild SPOILERS ALERT):
    -James Cameron got slightly better at scriptwriting since the mid ’90s (remember the dozens of times Jack says “come on” in Titanic? That only happens a few times in Avatar) but I still wonder if it would kill him to hire a scriptwriter who can actually create characters with 3D personalities to go with the 3D bodies.
    -Unlike some people, I am not now in a “Pandora depression” because I want to go live with the blue people, possibly because I could just go play a Night Elf in WoW for the same (albeit slightly lower quality and 2D) experience (anyone else notice the big similarity between Pandora and their “home tree” and Teldrassil the Night Elves’ “world tree”?).
    -The 3D: That. Is. Awesome. I haven’t seen a lot of 3D movies so in some senses it was just fun to do that, but it was truly awesome nonetheless. And speaking of WoW, I now want to play in 3D. Hey, Blizzard, how about it? Would there be anything cooler than PvPing in 3D?
    -I now understand why there was an entire episode of Bones last fall about how the lab techs were all trying to see Avatar. Well played, Fox.

  • jimmy 6:02 am on February 18, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I’ve never really wanted to play on a [World of Warcraft] PvP server before (focusing on leveling to 80 on a PvE before I “branch out” to things like fulltime PvP), but tonight I ran into an undead ‘lock killing gryphons in the Hinterlands and I dearly wanted to smack him for it. Actually I wanted to see if I had the mettle to take on another warlock only a level below me. Actually I wanted to do BOTH. Plus suck all the life and mana out of him. OK, I’m shutting up now.

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