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  • jimmy 6:47 pm on November 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    One reason I intensely dislike Zuckerberg? He’s a freaking liar. “This is not an e-mail killer.” Hello. They’re giving 500+ million users [the option of] facebook.com E-MAIL addresses. There’s NO WAY they don’t think they’re going to pull several million teens off of Gmail or Yahoo or MSN. Sure, they’re not trying to kill enterprise Outlook users, but that doesn’t make it any less of a killer of some uses of e-mail. The entire presentation reeks of this. The multiple denials of this being a “Gmail killer” seem suspect at best.

    And this is from someone who doesn’t see myself using the new product. Though I can see how the “social graph filter” feature would be very compelling to many, many people. That’s why I think it’s disingenuous to say it never crossed their minds that this could “kill” (and/or take major share from) traditional e-mail. Especially since many features of it are a ripoff of Gmail’s priority inbox and Google Wave.

    /ten cents worth

  • jimmy 8:34 pm on October 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Is there some kind of secret pact among tech bloggers that anyone who thinks The Social Network is anything but a purely fictitious pack of lies must be destroyed and/or had hundreds of words devoted to mocking them? I haven’t seen the movie, nor have I ever met Zuckerberg, but the pure and unwavering support of FB coming from the tech blogosphere is kind of weird to me. Is it simply that they don’t want to lose access to not just sources at Facebook, but also any other “satellite” company that would be scared of “crossing” FB by talking to someone critical of them?

    Am I being too conspiratorial? Is it simply the fact that The Social Network is a pack of fictitious lies and the bloggers have nothing better to talk about? (Actually don’t answer that, because at this point I’ve put on my tinfoil hat and quite honestly trust nobody on this issue.)

  • jimmy 4:31 am on October 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Yesterday’s The Simpsons episode apparently began with an intro created by a British street artist. While it was interesting, I’m honestly surprised by the chatter about it (4 tweets about it made it into @TopTweets, for example). Maybe it’s my 4+ years of university digital media arts courses, or maybe it’s just my indifference/annoyance with The Simpsons in general, but I find the shock and awe rather strange and, yes, a little annoying.

    • Elizabeth 12:40 pm on October 12, 2010 Permalink

      Um. People have heard of sweat shops, right? I’m confused about the uproar, too.

  • jimmy 9:38 am on August 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Gizmodo recently ran a funny piece about some of the biggest Wikipedia “edit wars,” and it’s funny and I have opinions about half of them and everything, but the one that really got me was the one about if Tropical Storm Zeta (2005) should be included on the 2005 Hurricane Season page or the 2006 Hurricane Season page. Apparently 3254 messages back-and-forth were wasted when somebody could have just referred to the last National Hurricane Center advisory on the storm, and I quote (and I believe I thought this was so funny that I quoted it on my LiveJournal back at the time!) from 4pm January 6, 2006 Forecast Discussion (bold mine): “UNLESS ZETA SOMEHOW MAKES AN UNLIKELY MIRACLE COMEBACK…THIS IS THE NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER SIGNING OFF FOR 2005… FINALLY.”

    I don’t know if I’d be more concerned about those 3254 discussion posts knowing that somebody DID point this out or if somebody DIDN’T.

  • jimmy 1:56 am on August 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    And from the “I’m kinda famous” department, I just discovered that CNN Tech anonymously quoted me in an article about the new cheaper Amazon Kindle. That’s pretty cool.

  • jimmy 7:04 am on July 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    In a post about downtime on their engineering blog, @twitter happened to let us know how many users that had as of last Monday: “more than 125 million”. A quick Google search reveals that it was mid-April (or slightly earlier) when they hit 100 million users. Since I don’t feel like doing the math for annual growth rates, and since my main goal here is to compare this to Facebook, let’s just do that straight away. Facebook helpfully tells us it was February when they hit 400 million. That means they were quite a bit larger than 400 million in April, meaning Twitter’s 100 million was between 20-25% of FBs userbase.

    Last week Twitter had “more than 125 million users” and FB celebrated their 500 millionth. That means Twitter now has OVER 25% of FBs user numbers.

    Maybe that small number is nothing to be excited about, but with people going on about how fast Facebook is growing, Twitter is growing faster.

    P.S. to provide a more accurate “historical” data point of users for both services (rather than the vague “100 million vs. north of 400 million” in April comparison I did above) I dug up how many users Twitter had in February…only I couldn’t find numbers from February, so I used numbers from January and estimated for February…still better than the above comparison, which involves no estimation: Twitter had 75 million users in January, and was growing at a rate of 6.2 million per month. On the other hand, on April 14 the service had 105 million users, so that would lead to a growth rate of more like 10 mil/month during the January/April period. Still, this gives us a nice small window of 81.2-85 million users in February. Comparing against Facebook’s 400 million in Feb, that’s somewhere between 20.3% and 21.25%. So, splitting the difference, in February Twitter had 21% the users FB had. By July that number was 4% higher.

    So, doing the math again, Twitter is still growing faster than Facebook.

    Just saying.

  • jimmy 8:18 am on July 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    TechCrunch reported today that Google has invested over $100 million into the gaming company Zynga (they make Farmville, among many other Facebook games). In addition, Google is hiring an extremely high level “Product Manager, Games.”

    This, in my mind at least, adds creditably to both the idea that Google is creating a social network (“Google Me”…I sure hope they rethink that name) to rival Facebook (why else would they be going into the gaming space in a big way, and with Facebook’s biggest provider of games to boot?) and that they’re making sure to do it right, as I talked about a few days ago.

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