Finally saw Avatar this afternoon. Here’re some random thoughts (mild SPOILERS ALERT):
-James Cameron got slightly better at scriptwriting since the mid ’90s (remember the dozens of times Jack says “come on” in Titanic? That only happens a few times in Avatar) but I still wonder if it would kill him to hire a scriptwriter who can actually create characters with 3D personalities to go with the 3D bodies.
-Unlike some people, I am not now in a “Pandora depression” because I want to go live with the blue people, possibly because I could just go play a Night Elf in WoW for the same (albeit slightly lower quality and 2D) experience (anyone else notice the big similarity between Pandora and their “home tree” and Teldrassil the Night Elves’ “world tree”?).
-The 3D: That. Is. Awesome. I haven’t seen a lot of 3D movies so in some senses it was just fun to do that, but it was truly awesome nonetheless. And speaking of WoW, I now want to play in 3D. Hey, Blizzard, how about it? Would there be anything cooler than PvPing in 3D?
-I now understand why there was an entire episode of Bones last fall about how the lab techs were all trying to see Avatar. Well played, Fox.