It’s amazing what you can learn just from headlines/tweets. Last few days I haven’t had a lot of time for in-depth reading of a ton of news, but I’ve learned (through following a whole host of news sources in Twitter) that Gaddafi’s government seems to be cracking (if not exactly falling apart yet); the Ivory Coast is basically at civil war; Syria is trying hard to be the next Egypt (only with more bloodshed); Yemen is a freaking mess and the only difference between Libya and Yemen is that The West is ignoring Yemen because the government there is an “ally” in the War on Terror; speaking of which Bahrain is also an “ally” and seems to have mostly “put down” their own protests, although I’m not sure if we can give Bahrain all the credit what with the Saudi Army’s (invited) “help,” all with The West looking the other way and whistling a happy tune (oh, and suggesting things like “political reforms”…what about, “hey jackasses, it’s time for you to leave” like we told Mubarak?).

Oh yeah, and turning our attention to actual defined “war zones,” Afghanistan is officially out of control when we let 8 (6?) UN workers be killed (possibly stoned?) in a riot. War: not won, possibly even lost.

And wasn’t there some assassination or something in Pakistan, too?

And last, but not least, Japan is still playing host to several unstable nuclear reactors and the evacuation zones may need to be expanded and the area near the plant may need to be permanently left?