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  • jimmy 3:16 am on January 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    There’s just one thing missing:
    Storming The Citadel

    The Plagueworks

    The Frostwing Halls

    The Crimson Hall

    Even with a full raid of mostly level 85 players, ICC is not exactly a walk in the park. A lot of fun, though.

    /end geeking

  • jimmy 9:11 pm on September 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I feel fairly certain that this is the future of Hurricane Hunter operations, and I find it very exciting:

  • jimmy 11:04 pm on June 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Interesting forecasting process here: the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch (#301) this afternoon for parts of Illinois and Indiana (no news there, it’s June in the Midwest, afterall). But then, 4 hours later, with a nice bow echo (that radar image will ony be available for 5 or 6 days, sorry) approaching the edge of that watch area, it become a matter of some discussion whether to issue a new watch to the east of the current one (BTW, one reason I find this whole thing interesting is because my county is JUST to the east of Watch 301 as defined at 2pm EDT by the SPC, and this was making me sad since I like severe weather and being inside severe watches). Point in favor of a new watch included, well, the GIANT BOW ECHO of severe thunderstorms, but points against it included, well, a fairly stable atmosphere (e.g. not friendly to the creation or continuation of severe weather) over Ohio.

    The solution to the problem of Giant Bow Echo Of Severe Thunderstorms Leaving Watch Area But Will Lose It’s Severe Status About An Hour Later? Extend the current watch slightly to the east. This avoids the issue of issuing a new watch that only includes a few counties and only runs a few hours, but it also makes sure to get the word out to the people of the 7 counties added to the watch area that a GIANT SEVERE (and tornadic, judging by the warnings) BOW ECHO is coming.

    Nice. Well played SPC, well played.


  • jimmy 9:34 am on June 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I…I have become someone with physical (as in, non-computer) to-do lists. They, oddly enough, mostly include things that I need to do on the computer, but I somehow find it easier to manage a list on a little white notecard rather than on the computer (even though I spend 9+ hours a day on my computer). This is strange for a couple of reasons:
    1) I have never, ever used a to-do list. I thought they were at best kinda useless for me and at worst a complete and utter abomination to be killed at all costs;
    2) I always assumed that should I find the need for a to-do list, I would naturally put it on the computer as I’m a big “tech guy” and love, love, love computers.

    Obviously my seeming hatred for to-do lists has waned a bit, and my desire to digitize them has similarly lessened. I have no idea how long this sudden ([deadpan]and slightly disturbing[/deadpan]) change in my character will last, but for now I’m enjoying my little daily notecard of tasks.

  • jimmy 7:55 am on May 23, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    In which I seriously geek about WoW.

    File this one under “things that amuse Jimmy, [WoW] Dungeon Finder Edition”: in my 110-day quest to earn Tier 9 armor without doing any raiding (seriously, who wants to deal with guilds with weekly schedules and everything? *wink*) I’ve been doing a daily random dungeon for the last week or so. Tonight I did The Nexus (I’m getting pretty familiar with that one, but at least it’s better than Utgarde Keep, the other one I get a lot from the random dungeon finder) with no less than four healers.

    I’ve found healers to be quite possibly the most entertaining people in PUGs (Pick Up Groups) for whatever reason. A few weeks ago I was in a Random Dungeon group where the healer turned wipes (where we all die, usually the healers fault…or at least potentially preventable by the healer) into a drinking game…needless to say, we didn’t finish the dungeon. But the healers tonight I don’t think I’ll soon forget, here’s the list:
    1. our first healer was pretty good, he healed us, none of us died, we were all happy until after the second or third trash pull, when he rolled “need” on an item and then promptly left. I guess mission accomplished on his part (he got what he came for in only a few minutes), but as our tank put it: “dam healz”. Even if you’re doing the dungeon just to get that one item, it’s only a half hour run and it’s pretty rude to just leave. Also, I wasted a soulstone on him.
    2. second healer joined us and was also pretty good. Everything was going well until he suddenly got disconnected. OK, it happens. Vote kick, get new healer. A few minutes waiting, at least I didn’t waste a soulstone because it hadn’t even cooled down yet (meaning this was the second healer we’d lost in 15 minutes, and before we even got to the first boss).
    3. third healer joins, heals us for a trash pull or two and then says he hopes his healing is OK because he’s high. We kinda ignore it because, well, his healing was OK. Not so for the boss, though, and we wipe (memo to kids: taking drugs makes you a bad healer…who knew?). Before we can recover, the [high] healer and one DPS (a really GOOD DPS, who’d done 48% of total damage thus far) leave us.
    4. healer number four joins us and is a really good pally healer. Unfortunately apparently this leads to boredom and he tried to do some DPS on the side. This lead to me (#2 damage doer after the tank at this point) suddenly being attacked from all sides because the healer had let the tank die and I was suddenly the biggest threat (Rain of Fire has that effect, I guess). Healer started healing again after the tank and two DPS had died and he managed to keep the last DPS standing for a good 30 seconds, but there’s a reason you need five people to do dungeons (hint: it’s not because we like to hang out). OK, we wipe again. Healer apologizes and promises to focus on just healing from this point forward (what a thought!) and I’m happy to say that the last two bosses were a breeze.

    Yeah, so, that’s my gaming funny of the day. Mad props to you if you actually followed all that.

  • jimmy 11:53 pm on May 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Haha. Spent 90 minutes “checking my animation render” (20 SD frames in 13 hours or 39 minutes/frame…) this afternoon. Either I really love computers (yeah) or I really don’t want to do my Flash homework (yeah).

    Started an HD render through the department render farm, though, and so far the SD frames are looking awesome, so whenever the HD render finishes it’s gonna look SWEET.

    That’s the plan, anyway. But first…Flash. This one’s not going to look as sweet, because I just don’t care enough.

  • jimmy 7:59 am on May 10, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    4am Monday of final exams week, and there are (still) a dozen students (and one professor) in the digital media labs, as well as EVERY SINGLE computer running animation renders, not to mention the render farm (which renders animations 20 times faster than an individual lab machine) having enough jobs queued up to keep it running for the next few days.

    Some people write papers and cram for exams. I submit to you that my major is far more exciting.

  • jimmy 10:58 pm on May 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Not to diminish the severity of the oil spill, but saying that it can be “seen from space” isn’t saying much, since [spy] satellites can see newspaper headlines and license plates from space. Now if the ISS crew can see the oil slick, now THAT would be saying it can be seen from space.

  • jimmy 11:37 pm on April 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Two things I know:
    1) the world of technology moves at a breakneck speed, with new ideas, companies and softwares coming and going in a matter of weeks.
    2) the world of business also moves quickly, but it’s also defined by financial quarters.
    Bonus #3: for some reason a lot of people (especially the bigger/more “official” firms) who report tech market shares (web browsers, operating systems, etc.) seem to report data normalized over quarters or even entire years.

    This is crazy to me, because it ignores huge trends in the data. Trends that would show up much, much sooner in more detailed, more realtime data.

    All that is a rather long preamble to this: as far as I can tell, working on outdated data that’s not detailed enough, very few people seem to realize how well Android is doing in the smartphone market recently, and also how iPhone OS might not actually being doing so well, despite iPad hype and strong sales of both the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you were to just look at yearly average data over a few years, you’d come away with the impression that iPhone is gaining strong and the ‘Droid is so-so, certainly not a threat to the fast-growing iPhone marketshare.

    But dig deeper, into more detailed views of the data, and things begin to change. It turns out that with no new handset since last summer, and despite iPad hype, iPhone OS hasn’t gained much share, and some sources even say it lost some share. All the while Android, a heretofore “possible future threat” to Apple/iPhone, has DOUBLED its share of the smartphone market since last fall and now commands possibly 10 percent of the US smartphone market to iPhone’s 25-45% (depending on where you get your data). Coupled with a possible slide or slowing of iPhone OS share, this seems like a big coup for Android.

    But of course, we love to love Apple (iPhone OS’s creator) and love to hate (or just ignore) Google (Android’s creator).

  • jimmy 8:30 pm on March 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    It’s spring. Not just climatologically (meteorologists categorize winter as Dec/Jan/Feb, spring as Mar/Apr/May and so on, this means that yesterday was the first day of spring in terms of how data gets saved and analyzed) but also mentally (I’d guess that most residents of the northern hemisphere have “March = spring” pretty firmly in their minds…unless, I guess, they live in the polar or tropic regions, so I guess it’s just us in the northern mid-latitudes…which I think is a plurality of the world’s population, but I digress) and, most importantly, weatherly (it’s a word now. Because I said so): the forecast for the next week shows sun and warming temperatures, temperatures that by the weekend will be hitting 6-week highs (remember that weekend in January when the temperature shot up to 54 degrees under rainy skies, only to fall back down to the single digits by the Thursday of the next week? Yeah, me neither) and taking into account the sun and long string of warm(-ish) days, it’ll be the “nicest” weather we’ve seen since November or December.

    But the irony in all this, to me, is that while I sit here in Indiana and write the postmortem on winter, the south is still experiencing it. I’m not gonna say that this disturbingly backwards weather pattern displeases me, but I do feel the need to feel sorry for the southern tier of the nation, as they’re still enduring one of the worse winters to hit the region in a while just as spring is coming a littler early for us.

    Of course, the south has had breaks in the action (witness the multiple spikes over 50 degrees of the mean daily temperature in Atlanta and the prolonged periods of temperatures over 40 compared to the one spike of a daily mean going over 40 at Fort Wayne, IN…also of note to me is the cloudiness stats: while Atlanta enjoyed clear skies almost 40% of the winter, Fort Wayne only had them less than 10% of the time) while with the exception of a few days here or there, the midwest has, well, not had many breaks.

    Now I’m starting to sound whiny which was not my intent. All this is a VERY geeky way of saying: I’m really, really freaking happy that it’s sunny today and this whole week.

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