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  • jimmy 11:19 am on June 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    For the record, I’m not one to blame the Brits for the mass of oil in our ocean and on our shores (I’m well aware of the transgressions of our own MMS and both the last and current White Houses). I would however like to remind those citizens of the fine British Isles that being snarky at America for finding one bit of relief in all this (that for once it’s not a big, bad American company that’s fucking up the environment) is not the best way to endear yourselves to me or us. Every time an American company or government has screwed something or somebody we’ve (some of us, anyway) been apologetic because it’s embaressing and shameful to be connected with such activities. To my knowledge BP is (or was) a rather well-liked company in the UK, if the fact that 30% of the population owns stock in the firm is any indication. All I ask now is that you carry that connection and possibly shame it brings the same way we Americans have “owned” the presidency of Bush or any other shameful international activicties we’ve watched occur. The oil spill is no doubt our problem (a result of dozens of factors, many of which were homegrown), but BP is most certainly yours.

  • jimmy 10:17 pm on May 19, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Help me out here. Am I just being silly, or is it really weird that, despite the fact that they both generally have the same information, the BBC News story about the Gulf Oil Spill is presented in a completely different way from the CNN story. Observe:

    Third major story on BBC News, the fact that the oil is in the Loop Current leading the headline.

    On CNN: 5th story down the list of “recent news,” after no less than 5 stories about the primary elections yesterday and with a headline that’s kinda weak (“Where is the gulf oil spill headed”? You mean, BESIDES the Loop Current and the History Books?).

    Once you get into the stories, too, this difference continues: CNN’s headline tells us that the tar balls found in Key West are not from the oil spill (subtext: nothing to worry about, go back to your SUV now!). Lots of warm and fuzzies there. Only in the 6th paragraph do we get to the part about the oil being dragged towards Key West, Cuba and the entire East Coast (after I’m guessing a fair percentage of readers have stopped skimming and have moved on to the video about the Hooters employee asked to lose weight [#2 right now on CNN, just after the article about the Wall Street Reform bill]) while the BBC’s article headline is a more, um, forward “Gulf oil now in powerful Loop Current, scientists say”. Oh um, yeah, sounds like a good thing to report, don’t you think, CNN?

    OK. I’ve said my piece, what do you think?

  • jimmy 10:58 pm on May 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Not to diminish the severity of the oil spill, but saying that it can be “seen from space” isn’t saying much, since [spy] satellites can see newspaper headlines and license plates from space. Now if the ISS crew can see the oil slick, now THAT would be saying it can be seen from space.

  • jimmy 6:56 am on May 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    “Since the 1950s the pursuit of profit has forced 8000 miles of marshes to yield to man-made canals, essentially to make oil exploration and shipping easier. It’s estimated that the state of Louisiana loses 25 square miles of wetlands every year. If we were losing that much land to another country, we would be at war. America has a choice to make about the state of Louisiana: is Louisiana part of our country or isn’t it? Because if Louisiana is part of America, than the America people and the American government have to begin to defend Louisiana against American greed.” -Rachel Maddow, May 3, 2010, Venice, Louisiana.

    Her entire 2-minute show-ending speech is pretty epic. Watch it.

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