It’s cold this morning. Colder than I expected and colder than I want it to be. But it’s the wind chill, not exactly the temperature. Oh sure, the temperature is cold (mid/upper 20s) but it’s the wind that really puts the bite in the air. The really strong low over NYC (that cool storm that has a massive “backdoor warm front”…where Maine is enjoying a rain storm while NY endures a blizzard!) is kicking up some blustery conditions here in Indiana today, as well as delivering us some incoming snow…coming in from the northeast (usually weather moves generally west-to-east). All this to say that the wind chill walking the 20 steps from car to classroom building this morning was a healthy 19 degrees, just cold enough to make it nice when I made it into the warm building, but not so cold that it wasn’t a nice energetic feeling for those 20 steps.

Plus, 19 degree wind chill by the end of February sure doesn’t seem as cold as 19 degree wind chill in, say, November. “Pisshhh, 19 degrees? That’s nothing compared to the sub-zero wind chills of January!”