There are, by my count, no less than fou…

There are, by my count, no less than four agencies flying airplanes in and around tropical storms/hurricanes this year. Forecast discussions from the National Hurricane Center have mentioned getting data from: the Air Force Hurricane Hunters (C-130s), the NOAA hurricane recon group (C-130s and Gulfstream V jet), the National Centers for Atmospheric Research (NCAR, also flying a G-V jet) and the National Science Foundation (apparently hurricane researchers love them some Gulfstream V jets as the NSF is also using one this year).

Not only is the Atlantic getting crowded with storms, it’s getting crowded with hurricane hunting airplanes.

Edit (9/3/10): it seems in my quick iPod posting originally I had forgotten what types of planes NOAA uses for Hurricane Hunting. It’s actually two P-3s and one G-IV (see pic).