5 years ago this afternoon, at 5pm EDT August 25th, 2005 a little storm called Katrina was upgraded by the National Hurricane Center from a Tropical Storm to a Category 1 Hurricane with winds of 75 MPH. At the time the eye was less than 15 miles off shore. Around 7pm local time, the storm made landfall near North Miami Beach, FL with winds of 80MPH.

The storm uprooted many trees in Miami, dropped tornadoes, killed 6-9 people and caused an estimated $600 million in damages in South Florida on the 25th and early 26th.

By 3am, the storm’s center had crossed Florida and was in the Gulf of Mexico pretty much intact. Winds had only fallen to 70mph (from 80mph at landfall) as the storm’s track over Florida had been mostly over the marshy Everglades. (Meaning not a lot of actual land stopped the flow of warm moist ocean air into the storm’s center.) At 5am the storm was again called a hurricane with 75mph winds.