OK, random rant here: I wish media outlets would stop referring to the mosque being proposed inside a community center in Lower Manhattan as the “Ground Zero” mosque in headlines. For f*cks sake, you jackassed page-view whores, it’s not like they’re building it right on top of the WTC site. It, in fact, has pretty much nothing to do with the World Trade Center site except a geographical proximity.

And while we’re on the topic, why did the builders scrape the name “Freedom Tower” for the new tallest building on the site? Too in-your-face to…the terrorists? The Chinese businesses we want to attract to the building as tenants? We’re building a memorial out in a field in Pennsylvania in remembrance of 9/11 but we can’t name the building replacing the Twin Towers “freedom”? Was “freedom” just an October 2001 (and March 2003) war-cry that we don’t really believe in anymore? Was it a passing two century-long fade that’s now suddenly passed? 9/11 incited terror in America, which is the exact opposite of freedom, what’s so wrong with remembering that in a very public way?

I want answers.