What the heck?

I don’t have time for a long rant, because I have school work (using and for technologies our president apparently doesn’t understand) but I’m gonna make time for a short rant:

As someone who’s grown up with, lived and breathed high technology, and as someone who spends his entire life processing information, both with my technology and in my own mind (brainz: the original supercomputers) I would like to respectfully tell the president that he’s full of shit.

Further, to the idea that the only way to truly “master” (my word, not his) this dangerous menace (again, my words) is to spend 12 years in school and then 4 years in a $25+ grand/year college and then perhaps a graduate program or two I say: bull-fucking-shit. Far from needing more idiots with Ivy League degrees to help us “shape” how we use information technology, we need the kids who know how to work an iPod, iPad and Xbox AND WHO DON’T ever aspire to have a college degree helping us shape the future. That sir, is truly the way of “emancipation” (his word, not mine).

The idea that the only way to change the world is to not let our technology “control” us, and the idea that the only way to not let that happen is to “do good in our studies” are both bullshit. Some of the smartest people I know bomb their classes (me included). Some of the most awesome people I know have never even considered college. Some of the leaders of tomorrow will never set foot into a college classroom, mark my words.

Not only should we be wary of “an education” (as most people narrowly define it: 12 grades as a child, 4 years in college, etc.) “freeing” us from the oppressive grips of information technology, we should be doing the exact opposite: using information tech to free us from the oppressive grips of an abusive education system that is a century behind on technology and ideas.

Seriously, what kind of western democratically-elected political leader even comes CLOSE to saying that information is bad. What?

Am I overreacting? This just seemed really weird coming from anybody, let alone Obama.