Fun with “home” networking

Although I probably should have, I never realized just how much my family uses the Internet until I made a few router tweaks yesterday and had to input new network passwords on all our wifi devices. That includes 5 laptops and 4 iPod Touches, all of which seem to have their own idea about how to behave in the face of a new network password (to be fair, the iPods seem to have handled the issue rather better than the MacBooks). I guess I should have known how much we use our network based on the fact that one consumer-grade router trembles in fear when asked to handle all the traffic, thus leading to my current two-router setup (my 6+ year old Linksys and my 2-year-old Time Capsule…neither of which can properly handle 9-10 concurrent wifi connections + multiple wired connections; the Linksys can do wired just fine, though, and the TC can do the wireless…so it all works out). I absolutely love managing all of this equipment, though, so I’m a happy camper. Errrr, IT guy. Whatever.