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  • jimmy 2:03 am on June 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I mentioned on Twitter that I was gonna start making my for-fun/informal World Cup predictions public (the logic being that I keep bragging about correctly calling the outcome of games, so I might as well back that up…watch, I’ll be all wrong today), so here goes:
    6/22 Mexico v. Uruguay – I have a hard time with this one because my gut want’s to say Mexico but based on performance thus far in the Cup I’d have to say Uruguay. So I’m gonna call it for a close/fun game with the edge to Uruguay, giving them the top spot coming out of Group A. Either way the game goes, as far as I can tell these two are going to be the teams from Group A to advance to the Round of 16, this game just decides who. (I’m not 100% clear on the rules of advancement, though, so I could be wrong.)
    6/22 France v. South Africa – Both teams have a draw and a loss. France tied against Uruguay in a scoreless game (perhaps speaking to France’s strong defense, as Uruguay was able to score three times on South Africa) and lost to Mexico. France has scored nothing in 2 World Cup games and South Africa has managed to score once against Mexico. This and France’s apparent team meltdown makes me lead toward South Africa taking this match.
    6/22 Nigeria v. Korea Republic – Given Nigeria’s two losses and Korea’s one win-one loss I give this one to Korea pretty easily. I think Korea will earn the second advancement spot from Group B.
    6/22 Greece v. Argentina – Argentina hasn’t lost either of the games they’ve played so far and has once let one goal by their defense. I think this one goes to them to award them a 3-0 record in the “group stage” and the top spot coming out of Group B into the Round of 16.

    Depending on how I do with these predictions (and if I feel like it) I might post again tomorrow with my predictions for the June 23 games. Stay tuned.

  • jimmy 11:19 am on June 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    For the record, I’m not one to blame the Brits for the mass of oil in our ocean and on our shores (I’m well aware of the transgressions of our own MMS and both the last and current White Houses). I would however like to remind those citizens of the fine British Isles that being snarky at America for finding one bit of relief in all this (that for once it’s not a big, bad American company that’s fucking up the environment) is not the best way to endear yourselves to me or us. Every time an American company or government has screwed something or somebody we’ve (some of us, anyway) been apologetic because it’s embaressing and shameful to be connected with such activities. To my knowledge BP is (or was) a rather well-liked company in the UK, if the fact that 30% of the population owns stock in the firm is any indication. All I ask now is that you carry that connection and possibly shame it brings the same way we Americans have “owned” the presidency of Bush or any other shameful international activicties we’ve watched occur. The oil spill is no doubt our problem (a result of dozens of factors, many of which were homegrown), but BP is most certainly yours.

  • jimmy 11:04 pm on June 12, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Interesting forecasting process here: the SPC (Storm Prediction Center) issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch (#301) this afternoon for parts of Illinois and Indiana (no news there, it’s June in the Midwest, afterall). But then, 4 hours later, with a nice bow echo (that radar image will ony be available for 5 or 6 days, sorry) approaching the edge of that watch area, it become a matter of some discussion whether to issue a new watch to the east of the current one (BTW, one reason I find this whole thing interesting is because my county is JUST to the east of Watch 301 as defined at 2pm EDT by the SPC, and this was making me sad since I like severe weather and being inside severe watches). Point in favor of a new watch included, well, the GIANT BOW ECHO of severe thunderstorms, but points against it included, well, a fairly stable atmosphere (e.g. not friendly to the creation or continuation of severe weather) over Ohio.

    The solution to the problem of Giant Bow Echo Of Severe Thunderstorms Leaving Watch Area But Will Lose It’s Severe Status About An Hour Later? Extend the current watch slightly to the east. This avoids the issue of issuing a new watch that only includes a few counties and only runs a few hours, but it also makes sure to get the word out to the people of the 7 counties added to the watch area that a GIANT SEVERE (and tornadic, judging by the warnings) BOW ECHO is coming.

    Nice. Well played SPC, well played.


  • jimmy 9:15 am on June 11, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I started writing a big long essay about this nearly 4 hours ago, all about how it wasn’t bad that we might be thinking differently, how a change in brain activity might be in response to a change in society and not the other way around. It was geeky, it was impassioned, it was well on its way to full-on rant-ness. But then I got distracted by watching Jim Parsons on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and then The Colbert Report and then Super Late Fun Time. I don’t know what that proves, but I think it might be something that makes me very, very annoyed.


  • jimmy 9:34 am on June 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I…I have become someone with physical (as in, non-computer) to-do lists. They, oddly enough, mostly include things that I need to do on the computer, but I somehow find it easier to manage a list on a little white notecard rather than on the computer (even though I spend 9+ hours a day on my computer). This is strange for a couple of reasons:
    1) I have never, ever used a to-do list. I thought they were at best kinda useless for me and at worst a complete and utter abomination to be killed at all costs;
    2) I always assumed that should I find the need for a to-do list, I would naturally put it on the computer as I’m a big “tech guy” and love, love, love computers.

    Obviously my seeming hatred for to-do lists has waned a bit, and my desire to digitize them has similarly lessened. I have no idea how long this sudden ([deadpan]and slightly disturbing[/deadpan]) change in my character will last, but for now I’m enjoying my little daily notecard of tasks.

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