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  • jimmy 10:44 pm on April 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I do very little designing and animating off of sketches or other reference…it’s all off the top of my head “on-the-fly”, so to speak. This has worked out pretty well for me, but at times when my mind is trying to wonder off in different directions or is otherwise NOT focusing on the part of my memory bank that’s holding those ideas…I’m dead in the water staring at a blank screen feeling like an idiot for my style of working.


  • jimmy 11:37 pm on April 24, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    Two things I know:
    1) the world of technology moves at a breakneck speed, with new ideas, companies and softwares coming and going in a matter of weeks.
    2) the world of business also moves quickly, but it’s also defined by financial quarters.
    Bonus #3: for some reason a lot of people (especially the bigger/more “official” firms) who report tech market shares (web browsers, operating systems, etc.) seem to report data normalized over quarters or even entire years.

    This is crazy to me, because it ignores huge trends in the data. Trends that would show up much, much sooner in more detailed, more realtime data.

    All that is a rather long preamble to this: as far as I can tell, working on outdated data that’s not detailed enough, very few people seem to realize how well Android is doing in the smartphone market recently, and also how iPhone OS might not actually being doing so well, despite iPad hype and strong sales of both the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you were to just look at yearly average data over a few years, you’d come away with the impression that iPhone is gaining strong and the ‘Droid is so-so, certainly not a threat to the fast-growing iPhone marketshare.

    But dig deeper, into more detailed views of the data, and things begin to change. It turns out that with no new handset since last summer, and despite iPad hype, iPhone OS hasn’t gained much share, and some sources even say it lost some share. All the while Android, a heretofore “possible future threat” to Apple/iPhone, has DOUBLED its share of the smartphone market since last fall and now commands possibly 10 percent of the US smartphone market to iPhone’s 25-45% (depending on where you get your data). Coupled with a possible slide or slowing of iPhone OS share, this seems like a big coup for Android.

    But of course, we love to love Apple (iPhone OS’s creator) and love to hate (or just ignore) Google (Android’s creator).

  • jimmy 12:26 am on April 20, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    I realized today that my idea/experiment of “oh, I’ll just take a few college classes and see what happens” has gone on for nearly 10 semesters and over 4 years and I’m not about to graduate. During that time I’ve learned a lot (more outside the classroom than in, but there have been a few choice exceptions that shined) about myself and the world, but I’ve never actually stopped and wondered (REALLY wondered) what the heck I was doing. Recently I did and I realized that 4+ years of school, coming off of 16 years of unschooling, and with no immediate (<6 months) end in sight has completely burned me out. (In a lot of ways I feel like I’ve lost that awesome person who was so interested in learning on my own terms…and that really scares me.) This realization came when I figured out that I’m having an unnaturally strong stressed reaction to doing a fairly simple and low-key research and presentation project in one of my two classes this semester. Maybe it’s time to take a little (or a lot of) time off and reevaluate. I don’t know.

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