It’s spring. Not just climatologically (meteorologists categorize winter as Dec/Jan/Feb, spring as Mar/Apr/May and so on, this means that yesterday was the first day of spring in terms of how data gets saved and analyzed) but also mentally (I’d guess that most residents of the northern hemisphere have “March = spring” pretty firmly in their minds…unless, I guess, they live in the polar or tropic regions, so I guess it’s just us in the northern mid-latitudes…which I think is a plurality of the world’s population, but I digress) and, most importantly, weatherly (it’s a word now. Because I said so): the forecast for the next week shows sun and warming temperatures, temperatures that by the weekend will be hitting 6-week highs (remember that weekend in January when the temperature shot up to 54 degrees under rainy skies, only to fall back down to the single digits by the Thursday of the next week? Yeah, me neither) and taking into account the sun and long string of warm(-ish) days, it’ll be the “nicest” weather we’ve seen since November or December.

But the irony in all this, to me, is that while I sit here in Indiana and write the postmortem on winter, the south is still experiencing it. I’m not gonna say that this disturbingly backwards weather pattern displeases me, but I do feel the need to feel sorry for the southern tier of the nation, as they’re still enduring one of the worse winters to hit the region in a while just as spring is coming a littler early for us.

Of course, the south has had breaks in the action (witness the multiple spikes over 50 degrees of the mean daily temperature in Atlanta and the prolonged periods of temperatures over 40 compared to the one spike of a daily mean going over 40 at Fort Wayne, IN…also of note to me is the cloudiness stats: while Atlanta enjoyed clear skies almost 40% of the winter, Fort Wayne only had them less than 10% of the time) while with the exception of a few days here or there, the midwest has, well, not had many breaks.

Now I’m starting to sound whiny which was not my intent. All this is a VERY geeky way of saying: I’m really, really freaking happy that it’s sunny today and this whole week.